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Ouzo Arion 70cl Bottle


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Ouzo– the national drink of Greece with the characteristic aroma of anise, whose history goes back centuries. Ouzo is produced exclusively in Greece, according to the traditional method of distillation of alcohol with the addition of various herbs, which is carried out in special copper kettles. Before pouring the beverage is diluted with soft water from the river Sedontas to achieve the desired percentage of alcohol, which is 40%. Since the XIX century on the island of Lesbos to produce the best anisette and outstanding performance, thanks to a combination of anise seeds Lisvori villages, which are considered the best in the world, especially from the neighboring village of mastic of Chios and fine herbs. Plomari town famous for the production of the most unique Ouzo, who loved all over the world. Residents of the town – travelers, sailors and merchants – were quite wealthy people who knew a lot about the pleasures. Strong flavored drink reflected and embodied the characteristics of their freedom and a strong character. The favorable geographical position of the island, Aegean Sea and the fertile soil created excellent conditions for the production of Ouzo superb quality.More: