Klonari Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


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Κlonari is the Greek word for twig. Continuing a long-lasting tradition our extra virgin olive oil is produced from hand-picked and cold-pressed olives. We strive for sustainable farming and we respect every grove, every tree, and every Klonari! From caring for our saplings, through crop collection and oil production, we operate with love and care every step of the way.

Our products are nutritious, fruity, aromatic. Our final products are a very well tested blend of “Koutsourelia” and “Koroneiki” olive varieties. The final taste will leave you speechless.

Our vision is to share and promote the unique quality and flavour of the olive oil we grew up with. Despite its indigenous abundance, Greek extra virgin olive oil has generally been regarded as under-marketed or it is blended and sold as oil from a different origin, which we are strictly opposed to. Our resistance has turned into our passion, to bring this special product where it truly belongs.

Our land is historic, fertile and fruitful. We come from Achaia, a coastal region in the Western part of Greece. Achaia is known for the “Koutsourelia” olive, which gives extra virgin olive oil with very high aromas and a balanced taste of fruity, bitter and spicy.

Our team is young, passionate, enthusiastic. Klonari was the result of a vision to commercialise and share our family’s most loved product, our extra virgin olive oil, with the rest of the world. Our founder Apostolos Stamatopoulos, a Management Consultant who graduated from Imperial College London’s Chemical Engineering Faculty, is a passionate and open-minded individual who strives for quality and innovation while respecting long-lasting traditions.