Ayia Mavri Mosxatos White Sweet 50cl Bottle

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Muscat of Alexandria, dessert white wine.
It is an outstanding naturally sweet wine with explosive aromas of tropical fruits and flowers. Enjoy with foie gras, melon, soft young cheese and sweets. This wine generally goes well with spicy food and sweet desserts. The Mosxatos of the Winery Ayia Mavri is in the top 5 of wines of Cyprus and in the top 5 of wines of Troodos South.

Our ancestors, grandfather and father cultivated their vineyards. They had their pytharia (clay jars) for the production of wine and kazani (home distillery) for the production of Radgi (Zivania). We continue the tradition in a boutique winery in Koilani village using new technology and expertise.

Koilani village is situated in the heart of the “Krasochoria” the traditional wine
villages at the foothills of the Troodos range. Its 900 metres altitude, its
climate and soil are ideal for the production of quality wines.
The vine plantation dates back hundreds of years in this region and until
recently every dwelling in Koilani housed a small winery with its owner/grower
fully equipped for the production and transportation of wine to its final
destination and consumer.

We, at the AYIA MAVRI winery have been planting our own vines with the
traditional local and foreign varieties for the production of white and red, dry
and sweet wines.

We use the indigenous varieties mavro, xinisteri, muscat of Alexandria,
lefkada, as well as shiraz, cabernet, mataro, grenache and carignan
The history of the AYIA MAVRI winery (founded in 1983) goes back to our
father and grandfather’s wish to have their own vineyards and vinify their own
produce. Following in their footsteps we continue the tradition using new
technology and expertise. The annual production is 50.000 bottles of various
types of wine.

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste & soul.