Tsipouro Allotino 70cl


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Tsipouro Allotino is an authentic Greek product that is produced with care and passion with selections of grapes from selected vineyards of Thrace. Following tradition, it is distilled twice, slowly in copper stills. It is a multi-varietal tsipouro that aims to achieve a more complex and consequently more interesting aromatic effect. With the second distillation, we get a cleaner product with a more delicate aroma and, most importantly, a softer taste. Here the distiller comes to capture the aromatic and taste characteristics of the grape, as they were formed after the fermentation of the stems. It is crystalline in appearance, with characteristic fruity citrus aromas, a rich velvety taste and a long pleasant aftertaste. It is drunk at all hours, it is delightful as an appetizer, it perfectly accompanies traditional Greek appetizers and seafood dishes and is an ideal digestive at the end of a good meal. That is why it is inextricably linked to the way of life, hospitality and entertainment of the Greeks.