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Boutari Ioyliatiko Naturally Sweet Wine 50cl


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Iouliatiko” naturally sweet wine by BOUTARI Cretan Winery comes from the red indigenous variety “liatiko” which is mainly found in Crete and dates back to ancient times. “Iouliatiko” borrowed its name from the earlier appellation of it’s “liatiko” variety which matures in July and offers dry wines, with a high alcoholic content and strong red colour, but also sweet, sun-dried wines with a rich aroma and full taste.

VINIFICATION: After “sun-drying” the grapes for approximately 10 days, white vinification is applied, and proceeds very slowly

LENGTH AND TYPE OF AGING: 3 years in barrels


CHARACTERISTICS: Brilliant purple colour, with strong brown hues. Complex bouquet, which when stirred in the glass, reveals aromas of dried fruit, nuts, coffee and cocoa. Very good structure, rich greasy taste, balance with a strong ageing aroma and long-lasting aromatic aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: It can be served as an aperitif, and as a prime accompaniment for fruit platters, cream cakes, ice cream, as well as blue cheeses, like gorgonzola, danablu etc. Served at 6 – 8 °C.