Alfa Beer 5.0% Blade Keg 8 Litres


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This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

ALFA beer is one of the oldest beer brands in Greece, while it was the first consumer beer with a Greek name.

 Blonde Light Lager. Cool thirst quencher, with rich foam and easy to drink perfectly matches with Greek flavours. Combines a bright golden color and a soft scent malt and yeast with 5% alcohol content. It is brewed with the same traditional recipe, entirely in Greece, with 100% Greek barley.


 Character of ALFA is soft and perfectly balanced both in taste and aroma. That’s why it goes well with tender meats, seafood on the beach, home-cooked dishes for the Sunday table and any dish that “goes in the middle” of the table for the group of friends to share. The perfect mix of ALFA perfume is as strong as the bonds we have with our own people. Its full taste is identified with the full taste of the most beautiful memories that remain unchanged over time. And her hops come to add tension to our palate, as well as the intense moments of our lives that are necessary to maintain relationships over time. At each table, ALFA beer will be there to uniquely accompany our moments.