Lykos Assyrtiko White 75cl

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Assyrtiko is one of the most representative Mediterranean grapes in the Greek white grape variety. Grapes with a balance of strength, breadth and sourness demonstrate how the best grapes and aging for one year work together in the brewing process. The result is a bright yellow-green wine with a smoky and citrus scent, with a very complex taste. You can enjoy the after taste  for a long time. Lime, chestnut, vanilla, and well-balanced sourness mix well in the mouth to create a special and complex wine with a long-lasting aftertaste – a rare occurrence among white grape varieties.

It’s a great example of the combination of a rare Greek grape and the finest craftsmanship.

Tasting comment:

 It is a wine that you can enjoy the exotic scent that contains citrus as well as the scent of lemon flowers. You can enjoy the taste of fresh and well-balanced caramel, minerals, lemons and even butter. The finish is smooth and long after drinking. 

Type: Dry Full  Body ,Optimum temperature: 09°C-10°C

Recommended dishes: Grilled eggplant, pasta with olive oil, grilled fish, wild greens.

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