Loux Cola 330ml x 12 bottles



LOUX is Greece’s largest 100% Greek-owned soft drink and juice company, which launched in 1950 and has since then become the number one Greek brand in the beverage market, doubling its sales in the past decade as well as entering the international market, now being sold in over 24 countries worldwide.

It all started in the early 1950s in Patras, when Panagiotis Marlafekas founded LOUX, a small family business initially producing orange juice, lemonade, and soda water. LOUX is the largest purely Greek owned company of soft drinks and just second in the category ‘all flavours’. In addition, it is the only Hellenic refreshment company with a fully integrated production process, guaranteeing optimum and effective quality control. Loux has won the market over in Greece with a complete range of soft drinks and juices, distinguished for their quality and authentic recipes. The company’s priority has been the choice of natural ingredients of superior quality, of Greek production, which is reflected in a distinctive flavor and an increasingly higher consumer preference.

With the main ingredient of the excellent quality Kefalovrysso water, the addition of natural fruit juices and raw materials that have been selected with strict criteria and the ideal balance of carbonate, deluxe soft drinks are at the top of the preference of Greek consumers and enchant anyone who tries them.

True to the principles of quality, purity and reliability that have distinguished it since 1950, Loux has kept the original traditional recipe unchanged, offering flavors that are unique, natural and with a strong Greek flavour.