KYKAO Woody Imperial IPA Handcrafted 11% 440ml Can


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This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Extreme circumstances call for extreme beer for extreme people! An Imperial IPA with a huge antioxidant content from the hops and enough alcohol to kill most viruses! A truly hop forward West Coast IPA that’s all about hops! From aroma to taste to aftertaste it’s all about those juice and piney American hops!

With a calculated IBU of 666 and a devilishly hidden alcohol content of 11% it’s a daemonic recipe! With 22gr/l hop kettle addition from 90min to 45min and a huge myrcene content it’s like biting on pine needles! Adding another 15gr/l of dry hops to create a crazy complex aroma with a huge punch of dunk and fruits in your face!

KYKAO is a small, independent, cooperative microbrewery founded near Patras. Their goals are to make top quality craft beer and to create a healthy and truly equal working environment, respecting and protecting nature in every way possible! KYKAO : (kee•ká•o) (Ancient Greek) v.t. to stir up, to throw into confusion. KYKAO means to mix, to combine different ingredients. The result, a psychoactive brew, was drank after many days of fasting during the climax of the most famous secret rite of ancient Greece, the “Eleusinian Mysteries”. We try to recreate those intense,vivid, almost psychedelic brews! They are like mad scientists; constantly experimenting. Through their tap room they want to showcase their best efforts. They often create new styles in “test batches,” i.e. small quantities, in order to discover different and fascinating brews tastes. The tap room is like their laboratory, they experiment, they mix, they create and they  constantly evolve the taste of their beer.