Kourabies With Pomegranate Karvali-Kavala 200g

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Love at first bite….

Each flavour of Ioakimidis Family is crafted from high quality ingredients to create a captivating taste experience!

Kourabiedes or Kourabiethes are almond biscuits or cookies popular in Greece, Cyprus, and Greek communities in Anatolia, as well as across the Greek diaspora. They are related to numerous other biscuits known as qurabiya or similar names found in Ottoman and Persian cuisine.

The purest ingredients, butter, flour and fresh nuts, come together to take us to a unique experience. Traditional cookies with whole roasted almonds and fresh milk butter, sprinkled with icing sugar, our favourite kourabie. A dessert that follows us through generations and accompanies our festive meals and not only, as the Ioakimidis family managed to turn it into a favourite daily habit.

Ioakimidis family, is active in the butter cookies (kourabie) production for 20 years. The excellent quality of raw materials is a basic principle that adds value to their business activity. Evolving the traditional recipe and with new flavour combinations, they turned butter cookies (kourabie) into a pleasant and crunchy snack for all hours and occasions. For the preparation, pure ingredients are used, without preservatives.