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Kean Banana Juice 1 Litre


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Creamy, sweet and packed full of flavour, nothing beats a large glass of chilled banana fruit drink from KEAN. You could also use this drink as a base to make a power milkshake, blended with milk and Greek yogurt, or even to make a honey and banana milkshake.                            

The late Takis Christodoulou, a pioneering young chemist with a specialized knowledge in fruit processing, founded KEAN the ‘Cyprus Soft Drinks Company’, in 1949, with the aim of extracting juices, essential oils and other natural ingredients from fresh citrus fruit. KEAN, as a purely Cypriot company, has developed a functional philosophy resting on these five pillars. Abiding by its history and tradition, as an active member of society, KEAN is adapting to the challenging environment looking with optimism into the future. Today, the brand offers a range of citrus juices of unchallenged quality. The taste of the freshly picked fruit is the result of tradition and know how in the juice extraction process of the superior varieties of local citrus fruit.