Fedon “Alexandrino” Cookies Sesame with Honey 300g

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“Alexandrino” delicious fasting cookies with honey & sesame.

Today, “Fedon” is established in Greece and has a significant presence in the International market, as one of the leading companies in the industry. Fedon continues to strengthen its  production by investing in new production lines and constantly in new and upgraded products.
More than 300 product codes are included in there product range, such as traditional cookies, biscuits, gluten free cookies, fasting and vegan products, breadsticks of various kinds, croutons, chocolate compound sweets, petit fours (sandwich cookies), sweet snacks and sweet filled pies, coconut cakes, pasta flora filled pies, tsourekia (traditional Greek sweet breads), cakes, sweets in syrup, as well as traditional Greek products for Christmas and Easter such as “Melomakarona”, “Kourabiedes” and “Vasilopites”.