Corfu Beer Weiss Amorosa 5.6% ABV 500ml

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Corfu Beer Weiss Amorosa is a  hazy pale beer with a white dissapearing head and high carbonation. Soft aroma with notes of banana and cloves. Slightly sour flavour with notes of wheat. Vol 5.6%

Corfu microbrewery established in 2009 have a passion for quality beers as the only brewery in the North West Greece and the only one producing real ale.
The brewery is very modern and equipp

ed with the latest technology. 1000 litres of beer can be produced in each brew.
The brewery produces two real ale beers and a Pilsner, in future they also plan to produce a wheat beer. These beers are produced under the German purity law, using a fine aroma hops and special malts (roasted malts, caramel malts). All friends of Corfu beer are invited for a tour at the microbrewery, on Saturdays and Sundays after an appointment. For more info

The products manufactured by the micro-brewery stand out in the crowd from the products of the big beer companies. You can taste the love and care with which these beers are made, sip by sip, glass by glass.