Arvaniti Feta Cheese PDO in 16 kg Tin


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Feta is a traditional Greek cheese made of sheep’s and goat’s milk that has been produced in Greece since ancient times. It is a soft, white cheese in brine that is guaranteed as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The so called “national cheese of Greece” covers almost 60% of the cheese needs of the Greeks which is unique for a particular cheese around the world. This Feta is a product of excellent quality with a slight acerbity and full aroma. It is made of sheep’s and goat’s milk that are freely grazing. The  feta is left to mature with brine in a tins or wooden barrels. The  finished product is solid and easy to cut into serving portions.

Arvaniti’s  history dates back to 1980 and is filled with success both in Greece and abroad. This success has earned Arvaniti Dairy a place amongst the most competitive dairy businesses worldwide. The quality of its  products has been hailed by the World Championship Cheese Contest that awarded Arvaniti Dairy with its Gold Prize. This ultimate reward that was offered to a Greek dairy business for the first time is a recognition of their unparalleled know-how and a validation of the love and commitment they show for their work.

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