Ananias PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litre


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Ananias constitutes the oldest corporate brand, which has been launched in 1932. Indeed, it was the first product in the field of olive oil to be packed in glass containers in the 80s.
It is a first class extra virgin olive oil derived from the careful selection of olives cultivated on the Peloponnesian groves. It will satisfy the consumers who seek a product with fine and delicate flavor, fragrant aroma and low acidity. Ananias will be your best assistant in the kitchen, as it adds taste and flavor to your food with natural and balanced way.

It is a Protected Designation of Origin, Αnanias (P.D.O.) Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is directly derived from the olive groves located in the region of Kalamata in Southern Peloponnese. The specific region is renowned for its high quality οlive oil both in Greece and abroad.
The main variety of olive tree is Koroneiki, a breed of the Messinian land, also designated by its name. Koroni (Koroneiki variety) is a region in Messinia, Peloponnese.
The factors that contribute to the high quality and positive organoleptic characteristics of the Kalamata P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the combination of unique and favorable climate of the region, the moderate wind, the hills, as well as the special cultivation care of the olive groves.

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