Amalia Traditional Grape Soutzoukos with Almond 500g

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Amalia only selects the best quality raw materials,so that all their products are always healthy, nutritious and rich in flavours. Soutzoukos is a traditional, chewy sweet made from grape juice that has a unique appearance (it looks similar to a candle!), and is popular at traditional festivals.

The sweet is made using the surplus of grapes after the grape harvest, which is why it is commonly made in the wine producing villages of the Troodos and Pafos regions. Considered as the most well-known grape juice based sweet, Soutzoukos is made with soaked whole almonds or walnuts which are then literally threaded with a cotton thread. The threaded nuts are then dipped several times in finished Palouze, a process that may take several days since each layer has to dry before coating it with another layer. Every time it is dipped, a new layer of Palouze is added on the previous one until its diameter reaches four to six centimetres.

The long sausage-like looking sweet is served into thinly cut slices.