Zagori Natural Mineral Water PET 1 Litre x 12 Bottles


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Zagori 1 Litre PET(Plastic) bottle features clear blue tones, resembling a premium glass bottle. An engraved surface and elegant label mark the clarity of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water.

ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water is concentrated beneath the surface of the earth in natural aquifer basins on the slopes of the Pindos mountain range, in one of the most picturesque, protected and pristine areas of Greece, the region of Zagorochoria.
Throughout its long underground journey, it is subject to changes in its physical and chemical composition, thus obtaining its unique features. Its balanced and pure composition is a result of the natural absorption of metals from geological formations it encounters along its journey to the spring. There, at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli, protected from any external effects and environmental pollution, the water is obtained and forwarded for immediate bottling, straight from the source.

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