Tsatsakis Cretan Barley Rusks Wholegrain 600g


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Cretan Barley Rusks Wholegrain Tsatsakis is essentially double-baked bread that is made with barley flour and sometimes whole wheat flour.
Making rusks was practiced in families that could not bake bread very often so they made these rusks. In addition, rusks lasted a long time and travelled well. Barley flour was often used because it was more filling, which was necessary in those lean times.
This type of rusk is present everywhere in Cretan cuisine which is known to be the prototype of the Mediterranean diet. It is either round shaped like a bagel and is called a kouloura or cut in thick slices and is called a dakos. It is slightly soaked in water and drizzled with olive oil and then consumed with cheese or tomato or olives, sometimes just olive oil and oregano. Its most famous use is the Cretan Dakos which is a barley rusk drizzled with olive oil and topped with grated tomato, fresh cheese, olives, and sometimes capers.
Tsatsakis Company is specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of bakery products, including traditional Cretan rusks, that are based on the Mediterranean diet. Tsatsakis makes products of high quality by using pure all-natural ingredients, in accordance with the regulations of quality management and food safety management systems. The company is certificated with IFS at Higher level and for Protected Geographical Indication rusks products. Ever since it began its activities, the priority of staff and management was to keep the traditional and hand-made form of products, to ensure their quality, and to improve and evolve them.

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