Tsatsakis Breadsticks with Mixed Vegetables 200g


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These breadsticks are a delicious snack rich in antioxidants as they contain olive oil and sunflower seeds. 

For the last 22 years the Tsatsakis family business from Crete, Greece, produces bakery goods well-known for the use of natural ingredients and its great quality. Having as an inheritance the experience in baking, and the traditional recipes, they entered the production of a new line of breadsticks that we were assigned to design.

The new design seeks the balance between the traditional and the new. This was the basic idea of the design: to show the story that will take us back to times that the older ones certainly know, and the new generation is looking to find in a product.

The use of torn kraft paper separates the old era from the present. Combining the black and white sketches with modern typography and vivid colors, we designed a product that exudes both tradition and quality, reminding us of the way it was made and its origin.
Wheat flour, rye flour, vegetable mix 11% (dehydrated vegetables: spinach, onion, leek, spices, water, cooking salt), sunflower oil, sugar, water, yeast, barley malt, salt, soy lecithin, antioxidant agent: rosemary extract. Contains gluten and may contain traces of sesame, nuts, sulphite compounds and dairy product (lactose).

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