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Septem Friday’s Pale Ale 330ml


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Malt: Marris Otter Pale Malt, Crystal Malt.

Hop: Whole hops of two aromatic varieties, the Czech Saaz and the exotic New Zealand Nelson Sauvin, that is famous for the unique aroma of Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Yeast: Top-fermented yeast, fermentation 18-20oC, maturation of 4 weeks at low temperatures.



Bitterness Scale: 31 IBU.

Serving temperature: 8οC.

Golden-bronze color, with orange hues and long lasting wheat head.

Characterized by impressive aromas of muscat grapes, citrus fruits and peach due to the use of the exotic Nelson Sauvin.

Slightly sweet taste, with well-balanced body, sharp bitterness and very aromatic aftertaste, where the zesty and floral aromas dominate.

Septem Microbrewery is located in Orologio in the municipality of Kimi-Aliveri on the island of Evia. It was founded by the chemist and oenologist Sophocles Panagiotou and the economist Georgios Panagiotou and began distributing its first batch of fresh unpasteurised beer in June of 2009. In Latin ‘Septem’ means seven, the number that represents creation, which inspired us to create a variety of beers, each named after a different day.

Our mission is to provide our customers with fresh, high quality products by taking advantage of the wealth of aromas and flavours in malt and hops while searching for the diverse flavours they have to offer.

Responsible for the design and production of our beers is  Greek oenologist Sofocles Panagiotou. The oenologists devote their life in the search for the perfect structure and balance for their wines in order to bring out the attributes of the variety, microclimate and harvest. We apply the same “oenological” philosophy in processing the best quality malts and hops to create the distinctive aroma and flavour that characterizes Septem beers. We believe that hop is respectively the “grape” of beer and we select the best quality whole  flowers of unique hop varieties  from all over the world. We only produce non-pasteurized beer as we do not want to ruin and flatten the hoppy aroma and flavour of the beer with the thermal process of pasteurization.

It is well known that beer has to be consumed fresh for customers to be able to appreciate hop’s full range of aromas and flavor. Red wine or cheese should be matured, but not beer…

We believe that beer isn’t simply a refreshing summer drink but a product that offers gastronomic pleasure in the same way as a fine wine, malt whiskey and coffee…


International Beer Challenge 2013 – Gold Medal.

International Beer Challenge 2010 – Gold Medal for Design & Packaging.

Quality Award Gastronome(Gourmet): Drink of the year 2013.