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Saint John Commandaria 50cl


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Commandaria is a unique wine produced from some of the oldest grape varieties in the world.  It was named Commandaria by the knights of St. John who made it famous throughout the kingdoms of Europe during the Crusades. Keo’s St. John Commandaria is vinified from Cyprus’s ancient and indigenous grape varieties Mavro and Xynisteri coming from the denominated area of Commandaria on the eastern slopes of Troodos mountains making it an “Appellation of origin” wine.  Only these fourteen villages have the privilege to produce this unique wine. The grapes grow in volcanic soils, poor and thin, thus producing a low yield but of high quality. After the overripe grapes are harvested, they are left to dry in the sun until the water evaporates and the sugar is concentrated inside the berries. The grapes are then pressed and the resultant syrup like juice is left to ferment naturally in traditional wooden vats.  The wine  then ages in old oak barrels in KEO’s isothermic cellars. 

Keo St John Commandaria is a blend of different year vintages based on the Solera system whereby young wine is always being blended with old wine to ensure a consistent style year after year. This luscious amber wine has a powerful bouquet, aroma of dried fruit, spices and oak wood.

Ideal as an aperitif, an after dinner drink, or as a base for refreshing long drinks.