Saint Barnabas Commandaria 75cl


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Saint Barnabas Commandaria 75cl

The oldest appellation wine in the World.

Brownish gold in colour, as a great Commandaria should be.
A fine aroma on the nose, where you can find predominant chocolate and coffee aromas, followed by fresh mint that follows in the mouth.

The first impression is finesse, with a subtle round taste, that leaves an impression of mushroom in the centre of the mouth, and a luscious chocolate, heavier on the coffee, with a note of freshness flowing, that carries the taste through.

Soil Type: Volcanic Soil
Age Of Vines: 15 – 25 Years Old
Trellising: Horizontal Cuplike
Vine Density: 3000/ ha
Irrigation: No

Wood ageing: Minimum two years in Oak Barrels
Total production: 4500 Cases of 6 bottles

Saint Barnabas Commandaria is only given to the market when it is ready for consumption, but Commandaria keeps getting better and better with time.
The Aeiging Potential is limitless.

Xynisteri 94%, Mavro 6%

Commandaria is the absolute dessert wine.
It will compliment any dessert, but mostly chocolate, creamy desserts, fruit and nuts.
Try it with blue cheese and grapes.

2018 – Cyprus National Wine Competition, Vintage 2012 – Gold Medal
2018 – International Wine & Spirts Awards, Vintage 2012 – Silver Medal
2018 – Decanter World Wine Awards, Vintage 2012 – Bronze medal
2015 – Cyprus National Wine Awards 2015 -Gold Medal
2015 – Concours International Du Vin Thessalonique 2015 – Gold Medal Vintage:2005 International Wines & Spirits
2014 – Competition U.K. 2014 – Silver Medal, Vintage: 2005
2014 – Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 – Silver Medal
2014 – Concours International Du Vin Thessalonique 2014 – Gold Medal Vintage:2005
2013 – Vienna International Wine Challenge 2013 – Gold Medal Vintage: NV
2011 – Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 – REGIONAL TROPHY (Southern & Estern Mediterranean sweet Fortified). Top 10 Fortified Wines of 2011 Vintage:2007
2011 – Concours International Du Vin Thessalonique 2011 – Gold Medal Vintage: 2007
2010 – Decanter World Wine Awards 2010 – Commended Medal Vintage:2005
2010 – Concours International Du Vin Thessalonique 2010 – Silver Medal Vintage: 2005
International Wines & Spirits Competition U.K. 2009 – Silver Medal (Besti in Class) Vintage: 2005
2008 – 3rd Cyprus National Wine Competition 2008 – Grand Gold Medal Vintage:2004