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Retsina Kourtaki 375ml

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Leading brand of Retsina from Attica in Greece, the most noted region to produce Retsina from the single grape variety of Saviatiano. Retsina, the traditional wine of Greece, has its origins in ancient times when the amphoras were sealed with pine resin. Nowadays, resin from the Aleppo pine is added to the must during fermentation to produce the distinctive resinated style. From selected grapes grown in the finest vineyards of Attiki. Shipped around the world by Greek Wine Cellars D. Kourtakis S.A., a company dedicated, since 1895, to maintaining the ancient tradition of Greek winemaking. It goes extremely well with the Greek starters (mezes), white meat, fish, seafood, and strong flavoured and spicy food. The Retsina Kourtaki brand is famous. It was first produced by the Kourtakis family in 1895 at its winery at Markopoulo, near to Athens. Today, the brand dominates the bottled retsina market in Greece and its distinctive yellow label is to be seen everywhere. With the growth of tourism to Greece in the last 30 years many foreign visitors have also been introduced to Retsina Kourtaki, and it is now exported all over the world. It can truly be said to be the first choice of Retsina lovers around the world. The Savatiano grapes are harvested in September and pressed immediately on arrival at the winery. A classic white Vinification follows at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks with one important difference. A small quantity of resin from the Aleppo pine is added to the must – some 200 gms/hectolitre to give the resulting wine its delicate but distinctive resination. After fermatation the wine is drawn off leaving the resin at the bottom of the tank. Normal wine processing then follows before bottling.

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