Papouis Halloumi Vacuum Pack 200g(BEST BEFORE END FEBRUARY 2024)

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Papouis offers one of the few truly  authentic halloumi available. Halloumi is made from a mixture of sheep, goat, and cows’ milk, which gives it its unique, savoury flavour and the robust texture that makes it especially great when grilled or fried.

Authentic halloumi comes only from Cyprus and the Papouis dairy is one of the foremost producers. Halloumi must be the most versatile cheese around – it can be enjoyed thinly sliced with fruit, grated onto pasta or soup, as a pizza topping, diced into salads and in sandwiches. But unlike most cheeses Halloumi doesn’t melt when you cook it, so it can be grilled, fried or barbequed and this really brings out the full flavour – some people describe it as like a vegetarian bacon.

Regular, made with cow, sheep & goats’ milk.

 Papouis started as a family business in the village of Athienou, Cypress more than 50 years ago.

  • Halal
  • Kosher
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