Loumides Traditional Greek Coffee 490g

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Loumidis Papagalos coffee is the most popular traditional Greek coffee due its exceptional quality that has been consistent for many years. Its trademark, Papagalos ( parrot ), has not been an accidental choice, since parrot is the only bird which feeds on coffee seeds.

Around 1910, when Loumidis brothers became familiar with the coffee’s aroma, manually-operated mills and hand-operated coffee-roasters: this led to the opening of the first Loumidis Shop in Piraeus in 1919. Soon after that Loumidis opened another shop in Stadiou, in the center of Athens. It had already gained reputation all over Greece, and this was only the beginning. In 1969 Loumidis Coffee goes beyond Greek frontiers and starts receiving many awards in international exhibitions.

Specially blended and slow roasted. Loumides traditional Greek Coffee 490g of intense flavour and distinct aroma. These roasted and finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a pot (Briki) usually with sugar, and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle.

The original blend… with a rich aroma, delicious… a famous name… since 1920. The superb aroma and unparalleled flavor you enjoy in a Loumidis Papagalos cup of Greek coffee is the result of its supreme, high quality blend and the authentic art of roasting and grinding we use.

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