Ktima Vassiliades Geroklima Maratheftiko Red Dry 75cl


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This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Preserving images of the fatherland and history, Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades winery created from its age-old Maratheftiko vines the unruly and charismatic Geróklima, an emblematic red wine. Careful sorting of the fruit, controlled fermentation and ageing in new French oak barrels, with the provision of uninterrupted oenological care led to this wine. Its deep crimson colour is accompanied by a bouquet of aromas reminiscent of red forest fruit, such as wild sour cherry and wild cherry. Balanced on the palate, it has spicy notes of freshly ground pepper and rare spices, enchanting every demanding palate.

Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery combines high technology equipment with quality wine producing practices. The space of the winery is a lively factory where wine production is realised. Properly designed winemaking, bottling and tasting spaces are always ready to offer a unique experience, as each and every loyal friend of wine deserves to taste the flavours of Omodos’ countryside.

The “heart” of production is housed in the underground space of the winery. The space houses all necessary, modern, equipment for the production of quality wines: destemmer, crusher, pneumatic press with inert gas application, special tanks for prefermentation cryomaceration for white wine production, stainless fer- mentation tanks for red and white winemaking with automatic temperature control system, oak fermentation barrels for red wines and stabilisation tanks.

Aiming at producing fine wines and making them avail- able to the demanding public, Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery contributes to the history and continuity of zealous wine.

◊ Varieties: Maratheftiko 85% – Yiannoudi 15%
◊ Served 18°C
◊ Alcohol Volume: 15%
◊ Pairing: Ideally accompanies grilled red meats, a variety of cold cuts and yellow mature cheese.
◊ Contains Sulphites

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