Kronenburg 11 Gallon Keg


This is an age restricted product for persons aged 18 and over.

Kronenbourg’s striking blue label proudly states ‘Première Bière Français’, which, in case you’ve forgotten your beginners French lessons from school, means it’s the premiere beer from France.

It also says, ‘brassee avec savoir-faire depuis 1664’, which translates to ‘brewed with expertise since 1664’.

From experience, people have often mistaken Kronenbourg for a German beer. Perhaps that’s because the ‘bourg’ part of its name sounds more German than French to some people.

 A superior brew to most mass-produced European lagers. Unlike those other beers – Carlsberg, Beck’s, etc – you can actually taste the Kronenbourg 1664’s hops.

It’s not a hoppy beer by any means, but it is rather refreshing to be able to taste anything of note. How do you describe that beer’s overly familiar taste and character?

Kronenbourg 1664 is far more complex. It’s a rather sweet beer, crisp and light with just a hint of graininess. It tastes less malty than a Heineken, and I find it’s slightly hoppy aroma is more palatable.

Unsurprisingly, Kronenbourg 1664 pours a clear golden lager colour with a white head, just in case you were wondering.

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