Kandylas Loukoumi Coconut Flavour 200g


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One bite of traditional Loukoumi KANDYLAS, is capable of making your day  a lot sweeter!

KANDYLAS SA is a production company with a very long history of producing top quality Greek traditional products. This beautiful adventure started from the great grandfather of today’s owner (Stylianos Kandylas), Ioanni Kandyla. Ioannis Kandylas was from Smyrna, Asia Minor. He had a small factory there making tahini, grape syrup, sesame oil kai raisins.

In 1927 after the destruction of the Asia Minor, Ioannis Kandylas went to Thessaloniki. With all his experience he managed to create  another factory for producing candies, waffles, halva and traditional sweets. In 1940 the factory of Ioannis Kandylas at Thessaloniki burned down and along with his son, Nikolaos Kandylas (father of the current owner) Ioannis moved to Veria (a small town near Thesalloniki) where they kept the tradition and carried on producing Greek traditional sweets. In 2010 KANDYLAS SA made its very first steps of exporting. At 2010 KANDYLAS SA participated at its first international food exhibition at Moscow and since then every year participates at the biggest international food exhibition all over the world.