Jotis Coverture Bar 125g


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JOTIS Couverture Chocolates are made from high quality chocolate that melts perfectly and has a velvety texture and a rich aroma. They will give you great-tasting results, even with your most difficult chocolate dishes.
There is a wide variety of Couverture Chocolates to choose from – you can choose between the classic Couverture Chocolate with 54% cocoa solids. Our Milk Chocolate Couverture which you can use to make unique mousses, cookies and much more. Our White Couverture for those who love “white confectionery creations”. Our Couverture with 65% Cocoa solids for more bitter sweets that require a stronger cocoa flavor. And JOTIS 54% Cocoa solids which is gluten free and has a natural sweetener which is derived from the Stevia plant, ¬†ideal for those who love chocolate sweets but are watching their diet. Available in 125g bars.

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