ION Protein Bar 20% Hazlenut 50g


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Chocolate Protein Bar 20% Hazelnut ION: When your favourite ION chocolate provides you with 20% protein, it becomes the ultimate sweet snack. It’s the ideal protein bar for every moment of a busy day and for every athletic activity. Chocolate Protein Bar 20% Hazelnut ION will become your favourite post-workout snack!

The milk chocolate that first comes to mind. A flavour that we all have grown up with.

Did you know chocolate grows on trees?The cocoa “beans” that form the basis of chocolate are actually seeds from the fruit of the cacao tree, which primarily grows in tropical areas near the Equator. The seeds grow inside a pod-like fruit and are covered with a juicy white pulp.

How is it made? To make chocolate, cocoa farmers crack open the pods, scoop out the seeds, ferment them and dry them. The beans are shipped to factories all over the world, where manufacturers inspect and clean them, then roast and grind them into a dense liquid called chocolate liquor. More pressing, rolling, mixing with sugar and other ingredients, and heating and cooling finally yields this delicious treat.

ION has been synonymous with chocolate for more than 85 years. There are generations and generations of people who have linked the name of ION with their most pleasurable moments.

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