ION 3 Tastes Assorted Milk Chocolate Pralines 270g


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ION presents a new praline in three delightful flavours. It’s the new ‘3 flavours’ pralines which have ION milk chocolate in three different variants: 1 creme from natural strawberry, 2. rich cocoa cream, 3. cream with millefeuiles vanilla flavour.

ION S.A. is the only chocolate company in Greece with a complete cocoa and chocolate production process, from cocoa bean to the end product. The company imports, following a thorough product control, high quality cocoa beans from the various cocoa producing countries (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Madagascar, Jamaica, etc.), mixes the beans in order to create the right blend for each product it produces, roasts and grinds the beans and finally produces the cocoa liquor. Following that, the company completes the production of the various chocolate products and cocoa powder.

The whole amount of cocoa bean imports in Greece is for ION S.A. By doing this the company has the ability to control the quality and the special taste of its products.

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