Gaia Wines Agiorgitiko Rose 75cl

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After many years of disregard, rosé wines have returned to the wine scene with a mighty momentum. They called them ‘limbo’, they called it ‘girly’, they called them “uninteresting”. What they did not understand is that rosé have an exceeding and multidimensional personality and- more importantly- that we love and seek them at every opportunity.

Rosés are back .Some lighter and fresher, some darker and richer. Our Agiorgitiko 4-6h came to complement the ‘‘rosé quest’’ that GAIA started years ago, with its big brother 14-18h.  Agiorgitiko grapes from a particularly high altitude give a lovely rosé color a profound freshness of aroma and flavour.

Plain, as an aperitif or by the glass, while out at a bar with good friends, it will impress you. Paired with a light meal, it will fascinate you. As an accompaniment to the Asian cuisine, it will conquer you!

Do not neglect to treat it as a white wine; cold from fridge in a big glass… for your own pleasure!

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