Cypressa Sesame Halva Traditional Flavour 250g

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Foods of the sun. Traditional flavour. Halva is a traditional delicacy, made of crushed sesame seeds. It is rich in nutrients and contains no preservatives. Sprinkle with cinannon, or add a twist of lemon, for a nutritious dessert, that is delicious any time of the day.

Cypressa offers a range of Mediterranean products which are essential in the cuisines of Greece, Turkey and nearby regions like Balkans. The Halva variety popular in these regions is mostly based on crushed sesame (tahini) and the one here is the plain traditional flavour.

Tahini is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. Tahini is made from crushed sesame seeds and has rather a nutty taste. Halva is made with tahini and other additional flavours and enjoyed as a sweet treat.